Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

It's Monday already??! I so did not want to go to work this morning and was dragging my feet to get out of bed. But the weekend was productive and relaxing so I guess that's a win for me. 

Friday night was spent at my parents house. I always try to make it a point to visit them once a week. They only live 10 minutes away but with life, it gets hard to stop and say hi. So I stopped by and my mom made me a healthy snack, bacon wrapped asparagus, since I'm on a nutrition challenge with my gym. It was so delicious!! We listened to music and talked about life. They always make me feel better.

Saturday was spent catching up with my girl Bella, from Dateless in Dallas, at brunch. It was delicious! Always a good time with her! Afterward, we went on a shopping trip for home decor. I think both of us have an obsession with owls! We both got some great stuff for our homes! If you're looking for some cute and inexpensive home decor, Hobby Lobby is your store. I can spend hours in there! 

Later that night, Juan and I had a dinner date and watched a movie at the theater. We watched Lone Survivor. It's a tragic story and I would be lying if I told you I didn't cry. It was hard to watch some of the scenes but it's what really goes on in war. Great movie. I ended up downloading the book on my Kindle to read this week. 

Sunday, I did my usual grocery shopping errand at Trader Joe's and meal prepped for the week. 

I'm a huge music fan so I was ready for the Grammy's. Beyonce and Jay-Z killed it opening up the Grammy's and was probably the best throughout the entire show. I was kind of bored with the whole show and was sick of hearing that Daft Punk song. It was cool the first 100 times I heard it. After that it, was overplayed and overrated. The other performance I really enjoyed was Metallica. Other than that it was a huge disappointment. 

Well, I'm off to relax and enjoy a bubble bath! 

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Weekend Recap


  1. yum that bacon wrapped asparagus looks delish! I made it a new years resolution to not eat bacon... however turkey bacon works! yum yum!

    Showered With Design

  2. OMG Melanie why am I just now seeing your blog??!! LOL I am so happy that you blogged about our shopping trip because we always do have fun. I like how you hung up your blue owl on the wall, too cute.

    Can't wait to see you this weekend :)

    1. Haha! I told you about it a while back! It may have been in passing but I think I did! I love my owl! :)