Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Inspire Me 2014. Vacation Spots

I suck at this blogging thing. Things have been a bit busy here lately and any chance I get to rest or relax, I do. 

Just want to catch up on the Inspire Me Blog Challenge. Today's topic is: 

Do you have any awesome vacations planned for the year? 
If not, where would be your ideal spot?

I don't have any vacation plans as of yet but I've been talking to Juan about going somewhere. Last year we went on a huge 2 1/2 week vacation and I'm hoping we can take another one this year. I do have some vacation spots I want to visit soon though.

1. Disney World. I've only been there once when I was 16 and it was so much fun. Can't wait to visit again as an adult.

2. Grand Canyon Lodge at the North Rim. I've seen other people's photos and the views are absolutely breathtaking. I'd love to stay in a cabin and go hiking. My family and I would take road trips to the west coast every year and we'd always stop at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It's beautiful!

3. Some ski resort. I've never been skiing before but I've always wanted to. Can you recommend any ski resorts? Best time to go? Any recommendations are appreciated. 

4. Somewhere out of the country. I got my passport for the first time last year before we went to Canada and I'd love to put it to use. I've always wanted to travel to Ireland and Greece. Someday...

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  1. Oh I would love love love to go back to Disneyworld one day! Ive been a few times and its fun to see how different it is from Disneyland near me. I would love to go to the Grand canyon and stay there! That looks amazing!

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