Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time Management

So I'm pretty sure most of us wish there were more hours in the day, right? I know I sure do. 

Here's a quick scenario of what I committed to on Friday...nails done with my friend after work, pickup my moms dogs so she can pack, pick up dinner, and clean up my house before a night in with a couple of girlfriends. I needed all of this done by 6:30pm. I get off of work at 5pm. WTF was I thinking? I was literally rushing to each place because I hate being late. Luckily, my girlies understood and were okay with me running a little late. 

I need to quit putting myself in these kind of situations. It literally stresses me out and I want to pull out my hair. 

Sometimes I wonder when I'll sleep. With all the crap I put on my plate, I need to learn how to manage my time better. Lately, I've felt like I cannot keep up. With work, online classes and the gym it's like I don't have a life or when I do try to have a life I get so overwhelmed. I just want to lay dead on my couch and binge watch crappy TV shows. Poor Juan. I haven't spent quality time with him in a few weeks. I know the time apart has been good but I just miss him. This is also the reason why I don't get on here often and blog. I want to but it's just not important as the other things I have going on. My goal is to make it a priority and fit it into my daily schedule.

What are some tips that help you manage your time? 

I use a planner but mostly to help me keep up with bills and important dates. I'm thinking I need to start using it to plan out my days so whenever someone asks me what I'm doing I can tell them exactly what is going on that day. Is a lazy day at home acceptable to put in the planner? Because I could so use a couple of those. 

My goals this week: 
  • Eat the food I prepped for all week at their designated times. (Yes, I have alarms to remind me to eat during the week)
  • Blog at least four times this week
  • Attend my three training sessions at the gym
  • Wake up on time and get to work on time
  • Spend at least an hour with Juan every night
  • Call my parents and chat
  • Say no to at least one project at work when it becomes too difficult to handle
  • Finish laundry - meaning put that shit away
  • And lastly, live life. Relax. Be Happy. 
How do you manage your time? Any tips are greatly appreciated? 


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