Monday, April 21, 2014

Day Dates & Easter (+ Giveaway)

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Oh man! This weekend was definitely what I needed! Spent some much needed time with my boy and relaxed. After a couple of weekends running around and making "plans",  I just needed time to recuperate.

For the first time in a long time, I went straight home on Friday and took a nice nap. When Juan got home, I made myself dinner then headed to my parents house. They were coming back from vacation and brought home some goodies for me. They are so awesome! Always thinking about me.

Sauteed garlic shrimp over Trader Joe's Quinoa with Veggie Melange. Drizzled with my chile verde.  

Some goodies from my parents <3 p="">

I woke up Saturday morning pumped to go to my Team Challenge workout at my gym. Three out of four of us showed up and we all kicked butt! I'm so glad I went! I didn't go to this event last year and I'm not sure why because it was so much fun. 

I made Juan and myself lunch of protein pancakes and strawberries. They were delicious! I'll be posting a recipe here soon so be sure to come check it out! :) 

We decided to head out for an early dinner at on of our favorite restaurants, Uncle Julio's. We hadn't been there in almost a year. I made good decisions and stayed off the chips and salsa and the tortillas. YAY!

Top: Kiki La'Rue; Shorts: Ella Bleu; Sandals: DV Dolce Vita via Marshall's.
We were so full from dinner we had to walk around the mall. Of course we went shopping! But not for me, for Juan! I love going shopping with him because he let's me pick out his outfits and post them on Facebook to take a poll...This time I included instagram! hehe! We sure did take this outfit home along with another button up shirt. He also got some casual blue suede shoes.

He's so cute! 

Easter Sunday was mostly spent lounging around the house. It was nice not having plans. I'm a planner so whenever someone wants to do something, make plans in advance because I love and value my time alone! :) I took three naps throughout the day and watched the SA Spurs beat the Mavs. It was amazing :) Great start to the playoff season. Yes, you'll hear me talking about my Spurs here often. Get used to it ;-)

We also had a late lunch/early dinner at another one of our favorites, Lockhart Smokehouse. If you're looking for some good Texas BBQ, this is the place. It's about an hour away from us but we take special trips to go. It is that good! We had gone to the Plano location which is closer to us but they ran out of meat. 

I'm glad I got to spend some quality time with Juan and some time with my family as they came back from vacation. This upcoming weekend is sure to be another busy one since I'll be traveling to San Antonio with my family for my grandpa's birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, Juan's 28th birthday is next Monday...EEK!! I don't have any plans nor does he say he wants to do anything. I think I'll take him out to Top Golf and dinner. Any ideas?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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