Friday, February 28, 2014

Day Off

Hey guys! TGIF! So glad that I took the day off to do absolutely nothing. I needed time to be at home and just relax. I'm always so busy with work, the gym, house stuff, school. It's never ending and I always end up in bed way past than I should. I went to bed early last night around 9:30 and woke up at 1 am for an hour just looking through Instagram then fell back to sleep. 

I've been catching up on House of Cards lately which by the way is PHENOMENAL! I'm still on the first season so don't ruin it for me. I found someone at work who watches it too and that is all we have been talking about. Glad I have something new to watch because I kept resorting to Breaking Bad every time I'd get disappointed in a new show because Breaking Bad is the best show ever created. EVER.

Yesterday I had my yearly performance review and it was so much better than last year. Last year was horrible. I was not in a good position last year and the person who I worked with made it a struggle to go to work every day. Things were said, tears were shed, and just the overall year was shitty. The other person left so I didn't have to work with them anymore and my work improved. Imagine that! My reviews have never been bad, I've always exceeded or beyond. I couldn't let that one person ruin my work so I made a complaint to HR. I don't like complaining because it causes tension between coworkers but I didn't care. I could no longer have this person ruin my day and my work performance. Anyway, so I'm glad that it's a new year and I have a new position. My managers have faith in my work with my new role and have seen great improvement already in the short amount of time I've been there.

Well, I should probably get back to House of Cards because it's sucking me back in. I should probably have lunch too.

Linking up with Whitney for #backthatazzup. Seriously obsessed with this song. It's on repeat all day errday.

Have a great weekend!

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