Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm here!

Hey guys!! Sorry I've been MIA lately. Been so busy with work, home life, the gym, know. Sometimes I just need a break. I usually update on Instagram like every day so that is my usual posting place ;-) 

This weekend was so relaxing & fun. Not to mention, Dallas weather has been so beautiful! Spring has finally sprung around here & I'm loving it. Bring out the maxi dresses & spring dresses. 

Friday was a busy but kind of relaxing day. Work has been good so far. Busy but good since I'm learning new things and trying new processes. Still trying to step out of my comfort zone here. 

Rico went to doggy daycare but I'm sad I couldn't see him on the webcam. Yes, I take my dog to daycare. Only on Fridays though. 

I FINALLY booked my cruise for Blogcation! I am so stoked! I've never been on a cruise nor had a girls trip! I hadn't told Juan or my family because I wasn't 100% I was going but this baby is booked and I am going! Woohoo!

After work I went to get my grandma a birthday cake at Nothing Bundt Cakes. I'm so glad I did because it was delicious!! It was mine and my family's first time trying it. I think it will become our regular cake place. My grandma turned 77! My brother and I got her a few gifts and my parents gifted her an aquamarine ring. It's gorgeous!!! We all spent time there chatting and making memories. I love my family! 

Saturday morning my bestie Jeanette text me and invited me out for brunch. Of course we had to go to my favorite spot at Shops at Legacy, Main Street Bistro. We caught up chatting since I hadn't seen her since last month when my car got towed. After brunch we headed to the mall and shopped around. 

By the time I got home I was exhausted so a cat nap was due. Later on, Juan and I headed out for dinner at Three Stacks in Frisco. It seems like we are always there! The BBQ is really good! I wanted an alcoholic drink so I ordered a margarita and boy was it strong. 

After dinner, we headed home to watch Frozen. Don't judge. I really love that movie! Juan secretly liked it too, he just won't admit it! 

Sunday was a little different than most but I was so busy! I woke up early and met my dad at his shop. We worked on my car because my brakes had been making a grinding noise. Not good. My awesome daddy replaced my brakes and did an oil change. We had lunch afterwards and it was good daddy/daughter bonding time. 

I wanted to take my car for a car wash since it was feeling all brand new but I decided to wash it at home since the weather was amazing and we have all the stuff to wash cars at home. I love that doing a little maintenance to my car has me not wanting to get a new car anymore. It just needed some TLC. 

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