Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Plastic Surgery Story [Part 1]

Thought I'd share my plastic surgery story with you all. Since it is kind of long, I'm going to split it up into three series and publish them weekly. I had a breast reduction in case you're wondering what kind of surgery I had and it was the best decision I ever made. If you're thinking about having a breast reduction or any kind of plastic surgery, ready my story. :)

Here it goes...

Since the age of about eleven I knew I had developed before any of the other girls in my class. When I was in fifth grade I remember being bra size B cup. Fifth grade? I remember boys talking to me only because I wore a bra. So lame but that was my life for most of my school years. Up until high school I was known as the girl with big boobs. I couldn't find a cute prom dress that would cover my chest, I couldn't wear anything strapless or spaghetti strap tops. It was awful. Aren't those the years where you can wear whatever you wanted?

I knew by the time I was 15 that I needed to have my breasts removed. I hated them so much that I wanted them gone. All gone. I would have rather had a flat chest than a size 36DDD/E. For my quinceanera, I had to have a strapless bra especially made for me because my boobs wouldn't fit in a regular size strapless bra you'd find at the store. I remember it was a size F. A size frickin F. I was 15 years old! I refused to buy bras that were bigger than a 36DD because the ones bigger than that were ugly granny bras. I was too young for that mess. So my boobs naturally made the muffin top over my bra or would peek through under the bra. I had straps break in the middle of the school day, the underwire poke through and dig into my ribs, and an awful rash from them being so large. They were dragging me down, literally.

My large chest kept me from playing sports or participating in dance in school because I was so self conscious about them. I knew people would stare. When I would work out, I'd wear a regular bra and a sports bra over it just to keep them from flying all over the damn place. I couldn't sleep without a bra on because it was more uncomfortable not to. 

Oh the struggle was real! 

When I graduated high school in 2005, my mom and I scheduled a consultation with a plastic surgeon near our home. He said that it was best that I get it done and most likely insurance would cover it. We had photos sent to insurance to see if it would be covered and they approved. 

Did I go through with the surgery? 

Stay tuned...

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