Monday, March 10, 2014

Relaxing Weekend

Happy Monday, y'all!! Are you all as confused as I am with the time change? I felt like I slept all weekend. I also did have a little fun but it was just enough to make it a relaxing weekend.

Friday night I met up with my friend Jessica to get our nails done. I was way overdue for a mani. Last time I got my nails done I did gel nails and they did not last. I usually get NexGen nails because they last longer on me and make it worth the money. Try NexGen, you'll never go back to gel or acrylics again! Instead of it being a polish, they apply a powder and you walk out with dry nails. They usually last me about 3-4 weeks with zero chipping or breakage. It's made my nails healthier too.

Saturday we all slept in until about 11am and it was awesome. Had some breakfast and cleaned the house a bit. I'm trying to stick to my "No Shopping" so I didn't go out shopping like I usually would. 

I finally decided to get dressed  to get ready for dinner. It was finally warm enough for a maxi skirt so I couldn't wait to try this Christina Skirt from Kiki La'Rue that my friend Jessica gave me. It fit perfectly since most maxis are too long on me. Juan even loved my outfit! 

We met up with some friends at a Turkish restaurant and the food was awesome. I had chicken shish kabobs, drank some Prosecco, and finished the night with some baklava.  They also have belly dancers there for entertainment. It was pretty funny when some older couple started dancing with the belly dancer. Lots of fun people watching. 

After dinner we walked over to another bar called Mexican Sugar to have a drink. I'd never been there before but I'd heard it was pretty good. I had a grapefruit drink and it was so tasty! I want another just thinking about it. I'd love to try the place out for some food. 

I guess we had too much fun the night before because we slept in until noon on Sunday. It didn't help that the time had changed but the sleep was much needed. Juan had a soccer game so while he was out I went to the grocery store. We were out of food! I hate being without food. I took a trip to Trader Joe's and stocked up on groceries. I bought almost the entire store! I also made a successful trip to Ulta and only bought shampoo, conditioner, and body wash because I was completely out. I surprised myself because I always walk out of there with more than I need. Ulta is like Target, walk out with more than you went in for. Ha!

The top row is Juan's! His beer and Crystal Light! 

The weather was perfect Sunday afternoon so Rico and I took a trip to the dog park. He is just like me because he doesn't really play and get involved. He likes to observe. He'll only play if another dog comes and tries to play. 

Ended the night with laundry and I also watched Dallas Buyers Club. Great movie! Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto did a phenomenal job with their characters. Such a great film and so touching. 

Spring seems like it's finally here in Dallas so the weather is perfect for patio sitting and going out for a run after work! 

Whew! I think my weekend was more eventful than I thought. Did you have a productive weekend? Or did you relax?

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