Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Summer Must Haves

I don't know about you, but summer is my favorite season. It may be because my birthday falls right in the middle of it but it really is and has been my favorite season. I love spending summer nights with my friends and family, drinking cocktails at the pool, beach vacations, vacations in general, toobing down the Comal River, summer break from classes, etc. Just the whole experience of it. 

I thought I'd share some of my summer must haves. 

1. Basic black flip flops. I love my Havainanas. I actually have them in most of the colors but my black ones get the most use. They go with everything, they're comfortable, and you can wear them to dinner or the beach. 

2. Denim Cut-off shorts. Oh man, have I waited for the season to take out all my shorts. Do you have a pair of old jeans? Cut them up and show off those legs! 

3. True Blue Spa Malibu Body Scrub. Whether you tan outside or spray tan, you should rub down with this amazing body scrub. I used to spray tan and would use this all the time, I don't spray anymore but I still use it. Makes my legs and arms silky smooth and it also smells amazing. 

4. True Blue Spa Malibu Waves Spray. I have super straight hair and this waves spray gives it a nice wavy texture as if I just got off the beach. I love spraying it when my hair is damp and it saves it from getting damaged from the heat of my flat iron, curling wand, or blow dryer. 

5. True Blue Spa Malibu Glow Body Shine. Y'all. This stuff is amazing. This is the whole reason I even stopped spray tanning. I hated the orange-y color it gave me and the smell was horrible. Plus, it was costing me an arm and a leg. I bought this and quickly cancelled my membership. It gives me that perfect glow I want, just a little color so I'm not looking ghostly white. Even if you're already tan, it gives the perfect shimmer. I rub this all over when I'm wearing shorts, dresses, and tanks. 

6. Urban Decay Illuminating BB Cream. Well, this stuff recently came out but I'm a sucker for trying beauty balms and bronzers. I use the regular UD beauty balm daily and I love it. I'll be purchasing this one so I won't have to be using the regular BB and a bronzer together. Just gives you a nice glow and radiant look.  It also has SPF 20...gotta protect this freckles.

7. Neon colored polish. What other colors yell "SUMMER"? Definitely a 'Shocking Pink', which is what I currently have on my nails. Grab a neon color and head to the nail salon. 

8. Aviator Sunglasses. Why you wouldn't have these already is beyond me? They're classic and they go with everything. I take mine everywhere! I'm currently looking for the mirrored ones...those are so hot right now! 

Well, there you have it dolls. These will be my summer staples this season and I'm absolutely excited to be heading into summer! 

What are some of your must haves for the summer? 

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