Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Confessions of a Blogaholic: Here's a Few

Happy Humpday! I'm linking up with Bella for Confessions of a Blogaholic. It's been a while since I've linked up so I'm just going to confess away. Be sure to link up and spill it!

I Confess

  • I'm sick of the World Cup stuff. I know, I's the "WORLD CUP". I'm just not a fan of soccer. Basketball is my sport and now that the Spurs won the championship, I'm just waiting until the next basketball season. 
  • I've missed the gym twice already this week. Work has been busy, guys. 
  • I haven't meal prepped in a couple weeks because I've been lazy. And I'm definitely feeling it. I've been so unprepared and it's not getting me to my goals. Need to make adjustments and get back to my plan. 
  • I ordered a dress online to wear for my photoshoot this past weekend and when I tried it on, I instantly hated it so I had to find something else to wear. 
  • I'm now regretting cutting my hair short and I miss my long hair. I go for a trim and color today but I won't be cutting much off.
  • My laundry has been sitting on the dryer, folded, ready to be put away for two weeks but it hasn't made it's way upstairs yet into my drawers...
  • I haven't read much of the Fault in our Stars...I was listening to the audio but I couldn't get into it. Gotta start reading from the beginning because I eventually want to watch the movie.
  • I know every blogger and their mamas are obsessed with peonies right now and I'm no exception...they are gorgeous! Every time I see them, I have to have them. 
  • I'm obsessed with the Dry Bar. Beautiful blowouts, reasonable prices. It was so nice getting my hair played with! Going again soon! 

That's all I got right now! What are you confessing today?

Have a great day, y'all!!

Confessions of a Blogaholic

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